Seven years of electronics assembly

Seven years ago today we received our first pick and place machine, a Novastar. Since then we’ve upgraded to a high-speed Europlacer XPii that can handle smaller components. This month we have acquired an Exmore VS-500 vapour phase reflow oven. With the addition of this unit, we can achieve a more even temperature across circuit boards, regardless of the uneven thermal mass of some designs, meaning fewer tombstone errors on assembled boards.

Our new Vapour Phase Reflow Oven.

Welcome to Agile Electronics

Hello world!¬† Agile Electronics has been providing electronic assembly services since 2010. We’re located in the Melbourne metropolitan area. We have a Europlacer¬†XPii-IIT pick and place machine.¬† We can provide surface mount assembly services for prototypes to runs of ~1,000 units.